Step 1 – Register

Click on the register link below to start the process. All you need is your email address(which will become the administrative user id for your account) and your business name and you can get started. No credit card is required. All of the features of will become immediately available after you receive your welcome email with your PIN. It’s that easy.


Step 2 – Enter your customers

Once you login to DigitalDoorTag you can create new customers for your business. Basic demographic information as well as details about their swimming pool are available. You can even enter your monthly revenue per customer so you can keep track of your total anticipated revenue for your business on your dashboard page. You will also need to enter information about the email address you want your customers to reach you at and any customized message to appear on your digital door tags under the settings menu option.

Step 3 – Mobile App

Go to the App store(for IPhone) or Google marketplace(for Android) to download the DigitalDoorTag app. Once installed you will login with the same email address(s) and PIN numbers used on the web site. From the mobile app you can view customer information and record water chemistry and treatments for your customers that will automatically send the digital door tags to your customers.